The U.S. After the Loss of Castro

November 25, 2016. This is said to be the day of the death of Fidel Castro, a former military leader of Cuba. The least one could say is that he lived a life full of controversy, from the Cuban Missile crisis, to the U.S. embargo with Cuba, up to his leave of office in 2008.

With all this in mind, those whom are afflicted with death deserve respects paid to them, regardless of how others viewed them. Now, I believe it will be very interesting to see how the global community will be affected by his death.

Since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, leading to President Kennedy establishing a trade embargo with Cuba shortly thereafter, Castro has caused both Americans and Cubans to view one another in a tainted light. This all being said, the trade embargo with Cuba has been officially lifted for roughly a year now to the publication of this post.

I do not believe it would be far-fetched to believe that relations between Cuba and the United States will improve now. With the sole individual viewed as most responsible for these actions, I believe it is now time for those who opposed this man to withhold from seeing Cuba in the perspective with which they have for five and a half decades now. Trade may increase between the countries as well as tourism, with potential to boost both countries’ economies.

In the end, I think it is a sad day to see most anyone pass on, regardless of your previous view of them. With Fidel Castro now gone, it is now time to let the past be the past and look past the problems of Cuba, as the man who took on the brunt of these actions is no longer active. I do hope to see the day where relations are restored fully.


Alexis Keeling

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