Armenian Genocide Concerts

Early this semester, with my husband, I attended a guitar concert which featured the University of Oklahoma’s Larry Hammet. The concert consisted of he and one other individual playing classic style guitar music.

His associate, who preferred to not have his name mentioned, created a beautiful piece which he played for our amusement. As he went on his next song, he noted that, “in this, I present the cries of lost loved ones during the Armenian Genocide, with the screams of these people being reflected in the strings.”

After leaving, my husband and I spoke for a long time about his words and how genocide still occurs to this day. It is a sore topic and one no one likes to think about, but that does not mean it doesn’t happen. To this day, there are still individuals in Syria and other middle eastern countries fleeing for their lives. Knowing that there are still others in pain and dying, it is horrible to believe it still occurs.

I am glad that I attended this event because of the discussion that it sparked and helped me to draw my attention to problems that are going on across the world, not just in America.

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