Italian Weather

While I wont know what the weather is like in Italy until I actually arrive, I can post some facts that I have found online. 

Today, in Italy, the weather was in the 50s (that’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius. They’re not dying in a fiery lake storm). In comparison, the weather at the beautiful campus of the Univerity of Oklahoma has almost reached the 80s (again in Fahrenheit). 

Personally, I believe that is enough reason to study abroad in Italy. The weather. 

I was born and raised in Oklahoma so I know all about the terrifying summers. While most people, including my grandmother, adore the summer, I despise it. I would rather be bundling up for the snow than having to deal with the heat of summer. Now, that doesn’t mean I abstain from complaining about the brutal winds and hail while walking to class. That’s horrible. 

Anyway, I found an awesome info graphic that breaks down local wether trends for Rome. Disclaimer: I understand that the weather will vary depending on where you stay.    


Also, this chart is in Celsius. Just to confuse everyone.

One final point I would like to make is that I chose my example of the Italian weather earlier specifically to complain about Oklahoma summers. I realize that the summer there will be warm. Just hopefully not as bad!


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