The Italian culture is very different form what I am used to in America. I knew what to expect from my summer trip, however, the longer I stay the more frustrating it gets. My biggest complaint about Italy is their inability to form lines. I never noticed it in the summer, but I am incapable of ignoring it now. Wherever you go, grocery store or cafe, the Italian people do not know how to form a line. Growing up, my youth group would always joke about how we could never form a circle when needed. The same goes for the Italians and lines. There have been numerous times that people have pushed me out of the way or cut me in a line for no reason.

When you enter the country, get off your plane, and head to customs, everyone is moving quickly. All of the sudden, it bottlenecks a large group of people in to a line. The first time I came, I ended up getting pushed to the back of the heard because I was trying to be polite. However, everyone else seemed to know what to expect. They are not afraid to elbow their way to the front. Then, once you are in the line, people are still cutting and shoving. It’s very frustrating.

I’m not sure why this custom is so natural to the Italian people, but it makes it hard to function in this culture.

This makes me wonder about North American culture. I wonder what bothers international students. One thing is for sure, I will be more sympathetic toward exchange or international students. It is very difficult to adapt to another culture in a semester. I hope the Italian people will continue to show me patience as I attempt to understand their way of life.

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